Introducing the Advanced Motor Drive Controller

Are you looking to develop advanced motor drives? Are you limited by the compute performance or I/O capabilities of your current control solution? Do you want an open-source, research-oriented, flexible, and modular control platform?

Introducing the Advanced Motor Drive Controller (AMDC)


The AMDC is a collection of open-source hardware and firmware for electric machine control. The goal of the AMDC is to empower motor control students, researchers, and designers by providing an open-source sandbox for exploring and creating electric motor control platforms.

To date, the AMDC has been used by most of the researchers in the Severson Research Group for experimental validation of new research ideas–many of the latest publications from the group have relied on the AMDC for hardware results.

The AMDC has the capability (i.e. resources for compute, I/O, etc) such that the user becomes the bottleneck in system capabilities, not the actual system. The AMDC platform is designed to fulfill the needs of even the most ambitious control projects.

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