3 Pole AMB Stator

SiC Power Pole


AC Homopolar Motor

Bearingless Motor Stator

Combined Winding

Bearingless Machine Testing


Severson Group Research

We develop advanced electromechanical systems. Our research is inherently multidisciplinary and relies on finite element modeling (electromagnetic, structural, thermal), circuit simulation, design optimization, control theory, and experimentation. We have a particular soft spot for magnetic levitation technology.

Our core research focus areas include the following:

  • Design and control of electric machines and power electronics
  • Magnetic levitation: bearingless motors and magnetic bearings
  • High switching frequencies and rotational speeds
  • Flywheel energy storage
  • Sustainable generation and efficient energy conversion


Community Resources

The Severson Group is developing a new control platform to operate the group’s advanced electric machines. This “Advanced Motor Drive Controller” (or “AMDC”)  project will eventually be released as an open source community resource. The hardware design and firmware are available on GitHub.