New Funding: DOE Project on High Efficiency Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Generation

The Severson Group is part of a multi-institution team that has received funding from the United States Department of Energy to develop a new generation of high efficiency Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation technology. This project, entitled Additive Manufactured Super-Critical CO2 Heat to Power Solution, will combine the Severson Group’s research in bearingless generators with research in additively manufactured turbomachinery and advanced heat cycles at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Raytheon Technologies. The team will develop and demonstrate the technology necessary to operate a supercritical CO2 heat cycle at temperatures of approximately 1300° C.

The project goal is to facilitate a step improvement in useful energy (heat and electric) output from CHP plants. The team believes that this technology will increase the overall efficiency of a power plant by over 5%, translating to over 1 quad of energy savings per year for large power generation facilities.

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